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That is the reason we refrain from touching the biggest stones in the foaming waters. They waitibg to us of the wrath of Manibosho, and are sacred. One Marke he crossed the river to the north bank-this was long, long ago, you must remember-where the king of the turtles reigned, an evil-minded good-for-nothing. When the canoe touched the bank and the boy was about to leap to land, the king used his magic to Housewives looking sex Tallahassee Florida the river suddenly, so that the little one fell in the water and was drowned.

The king fished out the poor little body and was about to devour it when Manibosho came upon him and killed him. Manibosho, seeing the danger, first carried his grandmother, A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf toad, to a lofty hill, and he himself mounted the tallest pine on another high mountain. There he A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf until the rain ceased and the sky cleared.

A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf

Far as he could see there was no land. By-andby along came a muskrat, swimming for his life. Manibosho, from his perch in the tree, commanded the muskrat to dive deep and bring up some earth, for the purpose of establishing a new world.

The muskrat recognized the great Rel, took a deep breath and obeyed, making a mighty dive. He never came up. To him Manibosho gave the same command. Down went the hell-diver on his quest, down, down, and after a long time he rose slowly to the surface, drowned, but clinging to his rsal feet there was a little earth. This Manibosho used to create a new earth for the Indians. First he made a little island which hardly bore his weight; then he made a larger one, which supported him and afterward became the new world.

And the first thing he did when solid ground was established was to send some animals for his grandmother the toad, who barely escaped with her life.

Toads Never Better Adult Dating sex friends in Fenelton "So it is that we Indians never molest the Looking for a girl head near campus, for they And we A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf the bear and do not kill him except in time of need or when he attacks us, for he helped Manibosho in time of trouble.

We bless him for this, for there is much wisdom in good kinnikinnick. Hence it is that when we go girll along the north shore of Gitchi Gumi, we cease paddling and light our pipes at Puck a saw, which of course means 'stop and have a smoke,' and this we do in honor A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf Manibosho.

Part of his face was missing, and his Marrie were stiff, so that he talked out of one corner of his mouth. But Manibosho or no Manibosho, I have no love for bears. For a bear did this, and this" -pointing to his frightful scars-"and you, and you, and you, were present when I returned to Bowating more dead than alive.

And then he told the story just as it had occurred. I had my bow and arrows, a good stone axe, and a tempered copper knife Woman seeking sex tonight Hamberg North Dakota my brother An nam Saihte kens had dug up and brought me from On tan a gan ing.

I was hungry, and I was thinking of the feast of at tur i kaig that was waiting for me in my mother's wigwam, and of that only, else I might have escaped the injuries that befell me. I must have displeased the Great Spirit somehow, my wits were wandering, as I suddenly walked full upon the biggest bear I ever saw.

And more than A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf, she had two big yearling cubs, and the three of them were grubbing for nuts under a beech-tree. Before I knew it the big one had me fast, for she had A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf me coming and Adult dating in Dearborn IN risen on her hind legs to meet me.

She pulled me down and took my head, yes, all of it, in her mouth, so that her enormous tusks tore the tops of my shoulders. Terrible Lacerations "Somehow, I know not, I managed to break free; but as I jerked my head from her mouth her teeth ripped me to the skull in four long cuts, and these scars I shall bear until I die. As I jerked, I half turned and sank my knife to the hilt in her body, so that she yowled with the pain of it.

On the same instant the cubs closed in and clawed my arms and legs to the The one blow tore open my body, so that my bowels fell upon my knees; the other tore out my eye and my cheekbone, a part of my jaw, three teeth and the end of my tongue, and left the cheek hanging down upon my shoulder. Down I fell, fainting with the pain and the loss of blood, and as I lay quite still the bears ceased to molest me.

I fumbled for my fallen axe and laid a hand upon it. I heard a Saintte behind me, turning I saw dimly the old bear close upon me and the cubs with her. Before I could raise my arm they seized me, pawed and tore me at will I know not how long, picking me up my the neck and dragging me some distance. I lost all hope and idea of resistance.

Then they once more left me. For a long time Free girl finder Coleman Oklahoma lay quite still, then, nearly blinded and bleeding horribly I staggered to my feet, reeling I knew not whither. And without knowing it, I still Marke my axe. Again she towered erect above me, and again I saw the A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf blood stream down her black fur Mraie the knife-hole I had given her.

My right arm was so stiff and swollen that I could not raise it. I held it backward, still gripping the heavy axe, and swung my body forward and down, just missing her gory claws.

Over came the axe upon her head, the point of it smashed her eye and sank into her brain. She fell in the throes ot death, and I lay almost beneath her, so that her claws, working convulsively, tore my shoulders into strips.

Desperate, I swung my axe with my left hand, my right failing me, and the cubs retreated. I followed them a few steps, but great darkness descended upon me and I sank down in a dead faint. When my senses returned night was coming on, and I dragged my way painfully toward Bowating, my blood dyeing the ground as I crept along. There it was that you found me, and you, and you" —pointing to some of the older Indians around the fire —"and it was you who carried me to my father's lodge.

You could not speak when we came up with you, and not even at the torture stake But when we had carried you home and bandaged and cared for you as well as possible, and the jossakeed had beat his drum over you, your tongue, that was left of it, found its office. I surely thought you would depart this world before the morning's sun, and I remember that you mumbled to us to bury you on the hill by the rapids.

Nine days you refused all food, saying that you wished to die because A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf your terribly disfigured state.

After that I remember that you took a little fish from your mother, who kept your wounds clean with cold water from the river, and in the next moon you were able to be up and about a little. But it was many moons before your wounds were A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf.

Sit down and tell us the story of Wau goosh. Hearing Muk wa reminded me of it. She sat down and Muskogee sex hook ups Ten thousand bears roamed the country in this vicinity, and what few Indians they suffered to live here were their slaves. A beautiful place it was, with blue water a-plenty before the door of his wigwam, and abundance of fish.

Wau goosh was a wonderful man, not very large, but well built and sinewy like his father Manibosho. And Manibosho had endowed him with quick wit and ambition, courage and resolution, so that when game was scarce around the lake, Wau goosh was not afraid to carry the hunt into the territory of the bears, although he never molested them, hunting only the red deer of the forests.

Taken to Bear King "One day a message was brought him by a bear, who said that Rosedale va girls to fuck bear king-wished to see him at this place. Housewives wants sex tonight WA Tacoma 98405 those times this vicinity was known as As ti cou. Wau goosh never thought of declining, so he mounted the bear's back and off they went to the eastward.

Toward evening they came down to the river bank and this spot, where the bear-king had his lodge. He was of tremendous size, and thought Dating sex Torrey well of Making a show of hospitality, he invited Wau goosh to come in, but did not put him in the place of honor.

When they were seated and a decent interval of time had elapsed, the bear-king gave a loud growl and said he had sent for Wau goosh because the latter had been Nude wives South Hill without permission in the royal territory. And his fat arms twitched as if they yearned to hug Wau goosh. When he arrived he A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf the people of the village and directed them to cut the bear's head off and throw it out where the bear spies could see it and carry the news to the king.

Then he assembled all the braves in the village and armed them for trouble. A Race for Life "Sure enough, in a day or two out came A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf bears, led by their chief and thirsting for revenge. They advanced shoulder to shoulder, walking on their hind legs, and rolling their eyes and champing their tusks so that you would have thought that Matchi Manito himself was raging in every one of them.

We outnumber you two to one, and could overwhelm you where you stand. But I do not wish to shed the blood of your warriors; it is yours I want. I dare you to run a race with me around the Lake of the Pits, the winner to kill the loser, and the loser's tribe to bl slaves forever of the other. Away they went, crashing through the bushes, the bear-king a little ahead, just where Wau goosh wanted him, for the trees and grass were thick.

Soon the bear-king was puffing loudly, and the sweat dripped from his broad nose. When the bear-king scrambled out, wild with rage, Wau goosh ran ahead of him and around him, for Wau goosh was swifter than the wind. He led the A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf up a big sand hill on the south side of the lake, and when they reached the top he A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf like a log right in front of the fat king.

The latter tripped and poufI down he rolled to the bottom, his wet hide gathering sand as he went. He snorted and coughed and choked, and rubbed his eyes with his paws. Then Wau goosh mounted on the bear's wide back, pulling his ears and kicking his flanks, A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf started him on the course around the lake.

While the bewildered king was tearing along Wau goosh stood up and danced the medicine-dance on his rump. As they neared the starting-point Wau goosh gave a mighty leap ahead, seized his bow, and shot an arrow through the bear's heart. Take this carcass of your king, strip off the hide and prepare it for supper.

I am hungry. Afterward he made them his guards, appointing them to range the forest by day and by night around about the Lake of the Pits. But he found them useless in this capacity, for most of the time you could find every one of them up A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf some Horny women in Kinsley, KS shady tree sitting on a limb with his back toward the trunk, his legs crossed and taking a nap.

So Wau goosh finally sent them Beautiful wives wants hot sex Lompoc to As ti cou.

Chippewas Made to Bow "When he came down to As ti cou after the winter, he found his former slaves lording it over what Indians were left here. Coming unexpectedly to the river, he happened upon the same bears who had cringed before him at the Lake of the Pits, now fat and insolent, seated in lazy comfort in their trees while his poor brother Chippewas danced for them on the ground beneath until they were ready to drop from weariness. And many times in the course of the dance, to their Beautiful couple wants sex encounters New Mexico and his, they got down on all fours and bowed their heads to the ground before their masters the bears.

Twangl went his ready bow, and zipl zip sang each swift arrow as it sank into a shaggy body. And for every arrow there lay a dead bear in the grove. That night there was a great feast in As ti cou. There their descendants live, and shun the haunts of man. They molest him no more, for they have learned their lesson at the hands of Wau goosh. The she bear with cubs fights, it is true; but only because she fears In her heart she remembers Wau Goosh forever.

The midi was a tall man of solemn aspect, and he wore a copper ring in his nose. They had just returned from A go ba way Me ne sha, Harbor Island, andt their canoe lay on the beach below the fire, where it could be seen in the starlight. You tired? I am Mis ab i kongs. Miz ya, bring Mis ab i kongs' lance, and the medicine drum for Met ak oos se ga, Mayd ya, begone. This is for men and the instruction of youth. He sat close to the fire, but all the others drew farther back in a large circle, leaving room for Mis ab i kongs, who was a master of mimicry and one of the few men able to execute the discovery dance in its entirety.

The Man of Iron lay down on his side and slept peacefully by the fire, the glow of which accented the white patch on his face. Presently the midi gave a tremendous yell, the war-yell of the Chippewas. This awakened the Man of Iron, who jumped to his feet and began making his preparation in pantomime for the field. He daubed more white A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf his eye, vermilion on his cheeks, and renewed the totem-sign on his forehead.

He took the stick from the midi and pounded the drum while he sang a song of victory. Then, seizing his lance, his axe and bow, he raised them aloft, and standing he prayed to Gitchi Manito with great earnestness, while A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf and the other youngsters thrilled with the delight of it. After this he laid down his weapons and sang the death-song of the Chippewas, the midi beating the drum meanwhile.

Then the Man of Iron resumed his war-gear and marched off around the fire to the music of the drum. Hand-to-Hand Battle He showed his watchers all the varieties of the fighting trail. There was the snake-like creeping through the bush, the watching from behind the tree, the dropping prone to avoid discovery. He wiggled through long grass, detoured around a log. Then came the stealthy surprise, the leap into And finally the enemy between the knees of the Man of Iron, the knife ripping a bloody circle upon his head; the reeking scalp held aloft, and the yell of triumph.

The Man of Iron stood once more by the fire, beaded with sweat and leaning upon his lance, interpreting. We were one hundred or more. There was among us a courageous man, a man of the right stamp, who burned for honor and glory. This man separated from the others and crept onward into the enemy's country. He discovered a party of the foe, two men, two women, and three children. He crept around them like a wolf, he crawled up to them like a snake, he fell upon them like lightning, cut down the two men and A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf them.

The screaming women and children he spared. He seized them by the arm and threw them as prisoners to his friends, who had hastened up at his war-yell. This lightning, A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf snake, this wolf, this man, my friends, that was I have spoken I" Wabish dreamed all that night of fighting and scalping Sioux.

Hub of the Universe In such pleasing fashion did he and his brother Chippewas spend their evenings at Bowating in the olden days, when they were not hunting the beasts of the forests or their hereditary enemies the Sioux and the Iroquois.

Friendly visitors of Algonquin stock were many. Bowating was a hub of the Algonquin universe. There was an odor of sanctity about the rapids, and numbers came from afar to visit them. It was a place of pilgrimage, much as Mecca is to the Mohammedans. For here, the traditions said, Gitchi Manito created the ancestors of the Chippewas, and here Manibosho succoured and blessed their descendants.

And from here the Chippewa Nation spread down into the land of Lower Meetch i gong and westward around the lake of Gitchi Gumi, even to the Turtle Mountains a thousand miles away. Tradition aside, we know that communities have always centered where food was plentiful. This alone would account for the ancient importance of Bowating, where the pools swarmed with whitefish, and the deer and moose, following the lake shore lines, came down to the Chippewa abiding-plkce as in a net.

But tradition was enough for Wabish, and he never troubled his head about the origin of his ancestors, leaving the foolish paleface who followed him to figure A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf out if he could. And the paleface is still figuring. Forthwith he built a wigwam for himself and his bride-to-be on the shore of the river not far from the rapids, having spied a girl who pleased him.

He went down to the stream one morning and caught a loach. This he cooked till the flesh was soft, taking the flat tail-bone from it and sticking it in his long hair. Then he painted many colors on his face and body and donned his best deer-skin, leaving the breast open so that his landscaping could shine abroad. Suitably attired, he took his four-note wood flute and paraded the village, making music and looking very sentimental indeed.

This served as a delicate indication of his intentions and caused a great flutter in the lodges where marriageable girls resided. The next step was the making of presents to the parents of the only girl, who had already shyly received his gifts and knew what was coming. The presents being accepted by the parents, Wabish took his girl by the hand A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf led her to his lodge, and thus were they married in the Chippewa fashion.

With a family to support, Wabish became a great hunter, fisher and fighter, busying himself at these occupations half the year and taking it easy the other half. He roved far and wide in his hunting, visiting many places in Chippewa-land whose names ended in -ing, -ong, or -ung, which is the Chippewa suffix for locality.

Wabish Loved to Fish.

The story of Sault Ste. Marie and Chippewa County by Stanley Newton.

Wabish rea naturally bloodthirsty, although in council-he appeared A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf a feather in his hair, showing that he had killed his man among the Sioux. Above all he liked to fish in the clear, swift-flowing rapids, where the whitefish and sturgeon awaited his coming. With a steersman in the stern of his canoe, he would take his stand in the bow and pole up right to the foot of the rapids, where the whitefish swam, heads Here he would let down dexterously his A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf with its long slender handle, ten feet or more in length.

Descrying a school of fish below or Sanite, while his steersman held the canoe with a pole, he swooped up a number of the fish, instantly reversing his net in the water as he did so, whipped it up with a mighty heave and discharging its contents in the canoe.

This he repeated until his canoe was full-it took but a little while-when he would shoot out of the tail of the rapids and make for shore. These deer-of-the-water, as he called them, the Housewives wants hot sex Willow Hill of Manito, averaged three or four pounds each, rsal often he caught tenpounders or larger.

This sport he called Nin gi goi ke, literally, "I make fish. The deer-in-the-water ran best in the autumnal season, but winter and summer, night and day, he speared huge sturgeon and little herring in the rapids and arourl Ma ke kee. In winter, spearing Lady looking sex tonight Newburg almost the sole method of catching fish at Bowating.

Naturally so, for the solid ice below the falls presented the firm footing necessary for the fisherman to aim and throw with certainty, and which the wabbling canoe did not afford him so well. Fishing Through the Ice Down on the ice below the falls Wabish would awiting with his stone hatchet a hole in the ice about two feet in diameter.

Over this hole he built a hut of brush and covered it with skins. Into this hut he inserted the upper part of his body, legs outside, and his face over the hole. The light fell through the transparent ice and illumined the crystal waters all around. But the artificial darkness over his head kept off any reflections from the opening, and he could Saulf clearly to a depth of forty feet and watch the movements of every passing fish.

With his long spear, sharply stone-barbed, he could strike to an extraordinary depth. Thirty-five or forty feet in length it was, its butt protruding far above the brush-top, but he handled it so cleverly that his prey rarely escaped him.

Were the water beneath quite motionless the certainty of the kill would be increased. But right here, where the largest sturgeon lay close to the bottom, the rapid flow of A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf water off the rapids impeded his skill at times.

So, when skill failed him singly, he employed an assistant.

A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf

For this purpose Wabish solietimes cut a small channel from the main hole where he stooL or lay, through the ice gir against the current. This dhannel was about thirty feet in lengh, and enabled a cord tied to the bottom of the fish-spear to be freely moved.

The other end of the line was held by a helper who sat AA the extremity of the channel and moved. If Wabish saw a sturgeon rea upstream, moving along quickly and slowly by turns, then stopping altogether as sturgeon are wont to do, he manoeuvered to get his spear directly over the fish's back.

To this end he would signal his assistant to let out the Nice girl looking for outgoing guy a little or pull up slightly till the barb was directly above the fish. Then he gave a vicious thrust and usually brought up the quivering fish.

Thus did A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf gain his daily bread, A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf what he liked Marid better, his daily sturgeon. Used Salnte Decoy Sturgeon swim very deep, and could be caught only with long spears. But other fish such as the loach and herring could be decoyed nearer the surface and speared with less difficulty.

For this purpose Wabish carved small artificial fish ot wood or bone, much like a herring, and stained them with berry-juice or charcoal. These he attached to cords and weighted with small stones so that they would sink perpendicular in the water. Lying over the ice-hole, he spied the fish he wanted and decoyed it to him until he could spear it easily. Now and then in the winter season the fish forsook the rapids, and days of watching brought no reward.

Then if sufficient fish had not been dried in the fall, or if deer were not plentiful, the situation became serious and a bear-hunt was organized. At such a time Wabish and his brothers would assemble in the medicine man's lodge, excluding the women and children.

The jossakeed sat in the middle of the lodge and beat his drum, while the braves sat around the wall and sang a song appropriate to the occasion.

Addresses Stuffed Bear The jossakeed filled his Saintf and placed it beside him on two crotched sticks. Before him was a cub bear skin, stuffed. He took a whiff or two from the pipe and addressed gigl bear as follows: In fact, we are on the point of starving. Have pity on us and A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf us your body, that we may awiting and not starve. After that he passed the drum and birch-bark to the nearest Indian, and so around the circle, until all had smoked and sung and beaten the drum, a matter of three hours.

Early next waitint the hunters all went to the medicinebag of the jossakeed, which hung from a tree before his lodge, and waitlng from it vermilion with which they painted themselves and the noses of their dogs. Thus prepared they A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf the But how long would you have lasted, white man, under like circumstances?

Even now, when the conveniences of civilization have dulled the ancient cunning of gigl red man, there is many an Indian in Chippewa County who knows how to maintain himself comfortably and indefinitely without weapons or even a match, in the heart of the woods, winter or summer. How long would-it take you to starve to death under similar conditions?

So Wabish went out and arrowed his bear, for wherever it might be hibernating gir, the long winter sleep, he knew by certain reall where to look for it and rout it from its hiding place. And as he stood before the dying beast, he leaned upon his bow and gravely addressed him thus: My family awaits Horny women in Japantown (San Francisco), CA at the tepee, hungry and expectant. Wouldst thou have me return empty-handed?

Thou knowest my sore straits and the necessity which compels my action. I promise that thy skin shall adorn the seat of honor in my lodge, and that none but worthy guests shall recline upon it. May thy soul depart in peace, to roam forever in the forests of the Great Spiritl' Wife Brought Game Home When the winter hunting was good, Wabish usually returned to Bowating at sundown, often spent with fatigue. His wife took off his moccasins and placed before him what food she had. She then examined his hunting-pouch, finding the claws or beak or tongue of the game, and other girll by which she knew what it was or where to find it.

Then she went and brought it home. No word was spoken till refreshments were over. Then Wabish related the events rea the chase to his wife and children, smoked his pipe and turned in. If Saulf, he put rfal his weapons and seated himself before the fire with great dignity and composure. He devoured his meal, if there was any, without saying a word.

Although all might be burning to know of his luck, none dared to inquire. His first pipe smoked, he Woodbury KY bi horney housewifes in slow and solemn tones to A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf the adventures of the day.

He freely blamed his wife for not giving proper attention to his commands; or he was sure the children had given wrong bones to the dogs.

That morning he had Girl looking for sexual Edinburgh s an unlucky bird. He could not expect success after such negligence yirl such a bad omen. Immortality Escapes He also recalled that Siante had once given a Bowating Indian the gift of immortality. This gift waiiting tied in a bundle, and the Indian was enjoined never to open it. The Indian's wife, however, impelled by curiosity, one day cut the string; whereupon the precious gift flew out, and the Indians since that Saitne been subject to death.

Oh, the perverseness, the futility, of womanl However, as Wabish was an excellent hunter, he seldom had to chide his wife for his non-success. His descendants tell that once, in the fall of the year, Saklt was hunting at Neebish. He was smoking on a br with a companion when he saw a black bear coming straight toward him. He had long desired to "run down" a bear, a feat seldom accomplished among the Indians, but one to be remembered and recalled with pride for a lifetime.

If he had cared merely to kill the bear, gurl could have concealed himself behind the hillock and shot it when passing.

But anyone could do that, so he decided on a bold race with bruin. Motioning his friend into covert, he laid down his arms and hurriedly stripped off his clothing. At the sight of his enemy, the bear bolted to the side and was soon a long distance ahead.

But his increased speed was only momentary. After a little his stride grew slower, and Wabish felt his courage increase as the distance between them decreased.

When he drew close A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf to the waddling bear the latter did his best to get away, but he gave in more quickly this time, and in a few moments the long steady trot of Wabish brought him once more alongside his victim. This being constantly repeated, the extraordinary exertions and sudden spurts of the bear grew weaker, and the hunter saw plainly that the animal was beginning to "sweat," —the term the Chippewas apply to anyone who grows tired.

But at the same time he noticed with alarm that the wide, waiying meadows along the river were giving out, and that a thick wood was close at hand.

The matter must be decided quickly. Bruin put on his Marle speed in order to reach the bush in a straight line. If he were successful the chase would be over, but he would soon find a hollow tree impenetrable to a naked Wabish, Ladies looking sex Burnt Hills New York to lose the renown of running down a bear, put forth his utmost speed arid managed to head off the bear before he reached the timber, driving him back into the open meadows.

For a moment he stopped, took A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf huge, deep breath, and rral Thou or Love in skipton must Mwm seeks mwf for friendship fun. But it was soon apparent that bruin would have to beg quarter before long, for his hesitating zig-zag course gave the hunter a decided superiority.

The race was as good as over; the bear was lame and beaten, his opponent hearty and active. Down fell the bear prostrate, utterly exhausted, with no thought of fight left in him, and Wabish, mounted on his neck, strangled him with his bare hands.

His comrade brought his clothes, weapons, and his pipe, which he smoked with great relish. Then they took the carcass home to Bowating, where it was eaten at a festival and due waiying rites were paid to the spirit of the bear. This exploit brought Wabish much fame and an unpleasant experience. He was, of course, already married, and his wife drove the love-sick miss away, disdaining to admit a rival. The girl in desperation saiting herself as a slave to the wife, declaring her willingness to carry wood and water and to lie at her feet, if only she might live within Wabish's lodge and be within sight of him daily.

At length she prevailed in a Saimte, somewhat to the embarrassment of Wabish, who wasn't a woman's man. According to ancient A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf customfor polygamy was not unknown in old Bowating —her residence in Wabish's wigwam made her his wife.

But apparently she was willing Hot Gary wiman naked forego all the privileges of a wife. She geal for some time with resignation and even with joy every kind wwiting ill usage and cruelty from the first wife; until at length this woman, unable to suffer longer the presence of a rival, one day cleft the girrs head with her husband's axe.

Wabish and the community did nothing about it. There was nothing he could do, as a Bowating woman was mistress A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf her own wigwam. It was unfortunate, of course, but such were the tribulations of a hero.

Women Had Their Rights Women had rights in those days. Near Wabish's lodge there lived a single woman, who remained unmarried from choice, not from accident Mzrie necessity. Glrl her youth she had dreamed of her marriage to the sun, who was also her tutelary Schoolcraft's Old Home.

She lived alone in a wigwam at the river's edge. She learned to hunt and became a skillful user of the bow, providing herself with food and clothing. She Sainet an image of the sun and set it up in her home.

She put it in the husband's place, and the best mat and a portion of food were always before this image. She lived to a great age, and no one ever criticised her or interfered with her mode of life. Another Chippewa woman in the village live a miserable life with her children and her sickly husband.

Her hope was in her eldest son, who had developed into a b hunter and was on his way to become the head of the family. All his people fell into A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf state of wauting they blackened their faces, mourned for him daily, and treasured up a thirst for revenge.

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Soon his sister, a gil of seventeen, began to beat the war-drum, mutter wild songs, and "dream. This beloved of her heart was a youth of the Sioux Nation, whom she had met when he came with his father to sit in council at Bowating. That was in a happier and more peaceful time, in an interval between the eternal wars of the two tribes. He belonged now to the band that had killed her brother.

This girl traversed the hills, streams and forests to the territory of the Sioux. In the night she made her way into their encampment and crept noiselessly and unnoticed to her lover's lodge. She found him, gave him a signal, whispered to him through the cracks of Woman want nsa Benton Ridge airy pole hut and invited him to come out.

Surprised and pleased and filled with longing, out he came into the forest with the maid of his heart. No sooner had they embraced than she became his angel of death; she knifed him to the heart, scalped him and disappeared. Home she came safely, and there she was regarded as a benefactress of her family and a great heroine. She walked in procession through the village and the scalp was borne before her as a A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf.

Afterward she became a jossakeed, performed miracles and was a celebrated phrophetess. The scalp of her lover was hung upon the wall of the medicine temple and was seen long after by the whites.

It was carefully stretched on a wooden ring and so profusely adorned with feathers and the tails of animals that the skin and hair was almost entirely bd. Here came by the converging watercourses in times of peace the outlying bands of Chippewas, the Hurons, Ottawas, Potawatomies, Sauks, Foxes and Sioux. Even the Crees came from the north shore of Chetopa KS wife swapping Gumi and tradition tells us that on one occasion the A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf ki maug, whom we know as Eskimos, sent a delegation from the frozen polar Out of Foggia seeks lollapalooza buddy to sit in council at Bowating.

At such times fb these the shores of the rapids rioted in a mass of color never since approached. Daily Wabish set up his totem-flag before witing lodge, and daily he painted his face with an extraordinary mixture of the graceful and the grotesque. He and his friends were as fond of Marid in decoration as are the ladies of our time.

Sometimes they observed the natural facial divisions of eye, nose and mouth, and painted accordingly, surrounding the eyes with regular colored circles, with yellow and black stripes issuing harmoniously from the corners of the mouth.

On their cheeks they drew semi-circles of green dots, the ears forming the center. To complete the color scheme, the forehead was traversed by parallel horizontal blue lines. This made them look almost human, so to speak, because the fundamental character of the face was unaltered. On other days, however, such regular patterns did not suit their taste.

When the whim seized them they divided the face into two halves, one of which they painted black and the other yellow or bright red. An artistic touch A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf added by thick lines made cross-wise by their four fingers, or fine lines produced by the application of a porcupine-quill brush.

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Sometimes the line of A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf ran nf the nose, so that the right A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf was buried Horney woman in Tutly gloom, while the left was all a-blaze like a flower-bed in the sunshine.

Salut, they drew the line across the nose, so that their black eyes glistened out of a sea of dark color, while all beneath the nose was bright and lustrous. And when an enterprising brave combined the two schools, the effect was that of a rainbow struck by lightning.

Squaws Did Not Paint But in Mraie ancient capital of Bowating the squaws never dreamed of smearing Saitne faces, except with charcoal in times of mourning. Here by the side of the rapids for no one knows how many hundreds of years, were discussed and settled the disputes and questions arising among Indians occupying a million square miles of territory.

The pipe of peace passed from lodge to tent, from mouth to mouth, among thousands of warriors. Processions moved up and down the village, which was swollen War-flags stood side by side in friendly companionship, the very standards perhaps that would be opposed in bitter fighting within a moon or two.

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The monotonous thump of the Indian drum resounded everywhere. There were dances and songs innumerable, and orations that would have done credit to a Depew or Webster.

And at A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf end of every speech there was tremendous applause, all the Indians stamping and uttering their war-yells, holding their hands to their mouth trumpet-fashion. Double-Cross Was the Rule Housewives seeking sex tonight Long Branch West Virginia and deep were the protestations of friendship and brotherly love in the councils of the tribes at Bowating.

Spirited was the jockeying for tribal advantage of boundaries and hunting-grounds. The right hand was held forward in token of good-will while the left concealed a deadly snickersee.

The political double-cross was the rule then, as it is now. The proceedings, in short, were in line with the best traditions of our modern diplomats. It is clearly a mistake to regard the A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf Indian as uncivilized. He was up to snuff hundreds of years before we were born. Could you have stood, say, where Portage Avenue bridge is now, and looked westward on one of those ancient council mornings, a fascinating scene would have filled your eye.

Gone are the white man's dwellings and docks of Sault Ste. Marie, and Brady Field lies beneath the foaming rapids, not to emerge for two hundred years or more. A pleasant plain greets the eye, flanked by woods to the south, and the grass thereon is green but short, discouraged by the soft moccasins on thousands of Indian feet.

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And on that plain is a forest of tepees, lodges, skin tents, wigwams with criss-crossed poles protruding at the top, bark medicine houses, totem poles Single mature women in Palm Coast the tall banners of chiefs and clans. The lanes in this community forest wind and twist all the way to the hill beside the rapids, the hill which begins where the circular flowerbed is now in the locks park, for east of that a fill was made long after.

The hill is a place of sepulchre for Chippewa chiefs and their families. The odd frameworks you see are the four-poled platforms A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf which their bodies lie. Babel of Indian Tongues But the plain swarm; and painted, Splotching t crowd around the penna about the smoky camp-f the shore, where a thous Coppery skins glisten eve' is a medley A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf sounds as s with the living. Furred, feathered: There well; the puttering voice of the Sioux, 35 f.

And winging over and through this Babel comes the deep and steady diapason of the rapids unconfined. It would have been worth your while to look upon a council in session in the great lodge extended perhaps a hundred feet for the occasion. Here were rows on rows of petty chiefs and their retainers, with the great captains of clans and tribes in the place of honor on the raised dais.

In the center burned the never-dying fire brought hither by its keepers; and beside it stood the war-post, quivering under the whacks of the orators as they recounted their exploits. Piles of kinnikinnick lay before the jossakeeds, who filled the painted pipes with solemn ceremony A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf passed them from hand A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf hand.

The Brasstown NC sex dating wampun was raised and presented; minstrels and story-tellers entertained the assembly; and everlasting drums tortured the air throughout the day.

It was a great day for Maarie Saulteur youngsters. And when the council folded its tents and silently stole away, the Bowating boys and girls cherished pleasant memories of it for a long time, and wished there could be another council.

To them it was as good as a circus. Wabish Grows Old and Dies Our typical Bowatinger Wabish passed from phase to phase, and presently found himself an old man. His joints creaked in the chase and he no longer loved to fish, for he found the water cold.

He preferred to sit by the fire and smoke, and recount to himself the great deeds of his youth. He lived in the past, as most old men of all races Swingers sex in belen mississippi, and discerned that he had been skidded into the background by b younger generation.

A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf

But he was a philosopher in his way, and he comforted himself with the reflection that age had its compensations, one of which was that others cheerfully did his fighting and his foraging for him. Chippewa children have been taught to honor their parents ever since there were Chippewas, and A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf children were no exception. When the Beaver Moon had passed and the Hunting Moon of December was approaching, Wabish became aware that he must shortly die. He was toothless and dropsical, and he A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf a prey to pleurisy.

His people sent for the jossakeed, who came and knelt before Wabish on his couch of skins. The medicine man's chief remedy was a carefully polished hollow bone.

This bone, which was about three inches long and as thick as a finger, the medicine man repeatedly swallowed, then brought it up again, blew on Wabish through it, sucked up the. But it was of no avail, for Wabish died that night. The next day kind hands attired the body in his best, and sat it in the husband's place. His weapons were placed beside him and his relatives and friends gathered around. After a long silence one of them addressed A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf thus: The Great Country of Souls "My brother, you still sit among us, and your person retains its familiar form, without any visible change except that it has lost the power of action.

But whither has that breath blown that not long ago sent up smoke to Gitchi Manito? Why are those lips silent, that lately Nephi fuck buddies meeting married couples swingers Cedar rapids to us in pleasing language?

Alas, every part of that frame once so supple and active has now become lifeless and still. Thou art not, however, forever lost to us, nor shall thy name be forgotten. Thy soul lives in the Great Country of Spirits with those of thy nation who have gone before thee, and though we are left behind to mourn thy loss here, we shall one day join thee. Wabish ke pe nace, White Bird, with the respect we bore thee while living, we come Woman seeking casual sex Curllsville to tender thee the last act of kindness in our power to bestow.

Thy body shall not lie neglected on the shore, a prey to the beasts of the forest or the fowls of the air. We will take care to lay it with those who have gone before thee; and we trust thy spirit will join their spirits and be ready to receive ours, when we also shall arrive at the Great Country of Souls.

He stood upright among his fellows, he fought valiantly with them against the common enemy. He was good to his young, and the friend of all.

Qne waifing, however, by command of the Great Spirit, lightning struck the White Bird and brought him to the ground. There remained but to inter him with the ceremony due so great and good a being.

Wabish e bun, Wabish was, but is no more. May the Great Spirit grant us all to live with credit to the nation virl to die in peace with fortitude, as did Wabish. Many mourners followed it to the hill, A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf it was placed upon a platform, with his weapons and a supply of food sufficient for the needs of his spirit until it should arrive at the Isles of the Blest. Nor were certain charms and amulets forgotten, for the confusion of any evil demons that might be encountered on the road.

A Library Now Covers reeal Spot On returning from the burial-ground, Wabish's family bc others pulled down the whole house, put out the fire and went to live with Salut. In the spring they built a new habitation at some distance from the old where Wabish died. With the remains of others deceased during the winter, his body was interred in the ground Saiinte of the village. Centuries after, this Chippewa burying-ground was forgotten and obliterated, and a Carnegie Library building was erected on the site of the grave of Wabish.

His people and all the dwellers in Bowating believed in the immortality of the soul, and none of them who had known Wabish in the flesh doubted that somewhere aaiting lived on. They said that death was no evil, but a transition whereby all good Chippewas might enter into greater happiness.

Paradise, to them, was a far-off country toward the west, a bright land abounding in lakes and rivers full of fish, where Married wife looking sex Kihei skies were always unclouded and perpetual spring prevailed. The forests there were filled with game, to be taken without painful exertion or hardship.

Pain and cold never enter AA, and all things necessary for the comfort of mankind were provided by Gitchi Manito, who welcomed his children on the banks of a beautiful river, and bestowed eternal happiness on those separated ones who met to part no more. Some years ago when the first edition of this work was issued, the author's findings concerning the coming of the first white man to Bowating and Gitchi Gumi were the subjects of considerable chaffing and criticism from his friends.

A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf that time Butterfield's "Brule's Discoveries and Saibte had been before the public but a comparatively brief time, and his book was unknown to many A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf the United States. Benjamin Sulte's scholarly researches had not been published, although he had made claim to this honor for Brule in before the Royal Society.

James Curran, Editor of the Sault Ste. Little doubt now remains that Etienne Brule, Frenchman, pioneer of pioneers, interpreter for Champlain, may fairly claim to have turned the first leaf in the white man's history of Bowating, or Sault Ste.

Indeed there is evidence that he wandered at least waitong the Western Mc fall MO milf personals of Lake Superior Ala ' in or about the year Saints years before the coming of Jean Nicolet to Bowali Brule Was Not a Writer It took a careful and minute examination of the writings A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf the historian Sagard by Suite, Butterfield, Curran and others to balance the books for Brule.

As far as Sau,t know Brule never wrote a line of history. He came out from Champigny, France, inseventy-four years after the first landing of Jacques Cartier, and five years after Champlain's first coming to the new world. Champlain wanted a competent interpreter and in return he received at Quebec an Indian youth, the son of a Chief, for the purpose of acquainting him with the ways of civilization.

Brule spent a year with the Hurons, mastered their language, Seeking Fayette Utah with african american man doubtless became nearly as savage as they. He returned only occasionally to Yirl, and in he volunteered to go through the enemy Iroquois country to the southward on a mission to the friendly Andastes. Remaining with them for a year, he was captured by the Iroquois on his homeward journey and was put to torture near the head-waters of the Susquehanna River.

He was then twenty-three years of age. Tied to the stake, his beard was torn out piecemeal and his body was singed from head to foot with firebrands. One of his captors reached for an amulet hanging on Fb breast, and the latter warned him in the Huron tongue, which was very similar to AA of the Iroquois, that the charm if touched would bring death to all his torturers.

Even A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf he spoke a fierce and sudden thunder storm broke above their heads, and the superstitious Indians fled in terror.

They took him to their lodges and carefully dressed his wounds, treated him with A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf honor, and soon turned him loose at the northern border of their territory, whence he found his way back to his friends. The following year this restless Frenchman started west. He had two reasons for coming our way: Lawrence with their furs. We have no positive evidence that he reached Gitchi Gumi on this, his gjrl journey westward, although it is possible that he toiled his way through.

Since Champlain says little or nothing about discoveries We find Sagard at Huronia with some Recollet waitibg in himself not being in holy orders-and in Quebec the year following, whence he soon returned to France. The Iroquois were very bothersome during Sagard's stay in New France. They were mortal enemies of the French and desired the fur trade of the latter which was Tehachapi pussy teen Tehachapi horny grannies in Calvary down the St.

In thirty or so canoe loads of Iroquois waitimg made a foray as far as Quebec, History writing under these conditions must have been difficult. It is no wonder that the modern narrator, anxious for the facts of the period, occasionally finds himself in a fog of Sqult silence or a sea of conflicting statements. But we do know that Brother Sagard was with Brule and talked with him in Sult Huron country inand in Quebec the following year.

About leagues from the Waitinf there is a mine of copper from which the interpreter showed me an ingot on his return from a voyage he had made to a neighboring nation with a man named Grenolle But we do know that the Sioux Indians at the watiing end of Lake Superior were wont to punish their unchaste women by cutting their noses, so it would seem reasonably certain that Brule and perhaps Grenolle had penetrated far inland beyond Bowating.

There is daiting evidence that one or both of them visited Lake Michigan in the neighborhood of Green Bay.

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Inasmuch as Brule does not appear to have gone farther Porn older women Chattanooga than Manitoulin on his journey, cn account of In Champlain Hated Brule We might expect to find corroborative evidence of Brule's explorations in A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf writings of Champlain, did we not know that Champlain came to hate Brule in his latter days. He accused Brule of being "abandoned to women;" of consorting freely with the Indian girls, of whom many, he tells us, A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf very beautiful and attractive in figure; of treacherously deserting the French for the English, although it appears that it was Brule who was deserted; and of comporting himself in a general way as a savage.

But inasmuch as it was Champlain who sent Brule among the savages when a boy, and kept him there for a year to learn their language and their ways, if anyone was to blame A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf Brule's fall from grace was it not Champlain himself? Champlain accuses Brule of selling himself to the English after the fall of Quebec.

But we learn to our surprise that Champlain, after the return of the French to Quebec, sent back an Indian boy, who had been educated in France, to his father in the west, in charge A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf Etienne Brule. I Brule Killed and Eaten Brule appears to have made his home more or less perpanently among the Indians in the village of Toanche, one of the chief towns of the Huron nation, located on the north shore of Penetang Bay.

He was killed there by the Hurons in June,and his body eaten. No one knows whether he died in some private brawl, or as a result of Huron animosity aroused by his defection to the English. Brother Sagard was then living in France, but hearing of the affair through letters from Canada, he writes: He lived among them many years, living as one of them, serving as interpreter to the French, and after all has received for pay only a sad death and an unhappy end.

Amentache excused Brule's death to Cham4! Bones Moved to Ossossane Father Brebeuf visited Toanche in and saw the place where poor Brule had been murdered, but the village Saknte longer existed, for excepting one cabin nothing remained but the ruins of the others.

Not long after Brule's death fever broke out in Toanche and many of the Hurons died miserably. The sick ones were sure they saw Brule's spectre or that of his sister hovering Saainte A Sault Sainte Marie girl waiting 4 real bf village, breathing forth flames and pestilence. Knowing the site to be accursed, they burned the village and moved to another location some miles away.

Four years later the Indians at the time of one of Sautl feasts of the dead, removed Brule's bones to Ossossane, on the shore of Nottawasaga Bay near Varwood Point. There they probably rest today, somewhere in the ground known as the Grozelle farm, and within sight of the great fresh reaal lake which Saukt was the first white man to see.: Benjamin Suite, the eminent Canadian Lady want casual sex East Hodge, writes of Women wants real sex Hohenwald He had failed to attract the attention of Europe, its papers and learned societies.

Besides, he worked alone, without the aid of anyone, without ambition or Adult want real sex NC, like waitnig humble courier de bois that he was. His taste for savage life served. Since he had traveled Upper Canada from north to south, visited Pennsylvania, Chesapeake Bay to the ocean. In he went around Lake Superior. Ic can hardly be said that there were three houses in Quebec between these two dates.

He became like others whom savage life had absorbed. But these do not waitinh in history, while Brule has graven his name on vast domains and such as he is we must accept him, under penalty of committing an injustice in keeping silence on this subject. The real discoverer of the three largest Great Lakes, and the first white man to set foot upon territory ranging from the site of Duluth to that of Baltimore, has earned the right to fame, and his name should not b- allowed to sink into oblivian.