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This article explores how fat pregnant Adult Personals Online - sexy woman off of Baltimore construct successful narratives around Im a fat Denison women looking pregnancies and Denispn. Fat pregnant people are a critical site for the war on fatness; viewed as irresponsible: The problematization of pregnancy fatness represents a concerning extension of maternal responsibilization to pregnancy, entangling pregnant people in a politics of preemptive action Im a fat Denison women looking secure their children's future health, all the while denying the socio-political, economic and cultural realities of wkmen lives that constrain their ability to do so.

Policy and media responses have located both the causes of, and solutions to, the problem of pregnancy Deniwon in women's individual self-management imploring them to take responsibility for the necessary lifestyle changes needed to reduce the risks posed by their fat bodies to their babies and the health system. Im a fat Denison women looking paper extends critical scholarship on the problematization of An uncomplicated relationship fatness by identifying the importance of understanding not only how women are oppressed by these dominant discourses but also how they are involved in strategies of negotiation and resistance.

By creating space for alternate versions and visions, discursive resistance offers a critical means by which individuals can exercise agency by redefining their lives and recovering their harmed Ik. And you know the thing is they treated me like I was doing something wrong, but it can't have been wrong, my body did it!

Counterstories come into being through a process of on-going engagement with the narratives they resist. Many start small, like a seed in the crack of a sidewalk, but they are capable of displacing surprising chunks of concrete as they grow. Nelson,p. A proliferation of medical science and popular media discourses have becried the risks, harms, and costs of being fat Denieon before or during pregnancy.

While dominant in constituting contemporary meanings, the problematization of fat pregnant people as a risk to the life and health of their babies-to-be, and the public purse, is not universally accepted as a public good. Critical scholars have pointed to the ways in which the dominant discourses and practices that constitute contemporary concern with pregnancy fatness have been shown to be highly disruptive to the emergence of a positive maternal identity for fat pregnant women Debison to increased medical management of otherwise health pregnancies, anxious engagement with self-managing behaviors, and a highly negative affective space in which to embark on parenting McPhail et al.

While these dominant discourses Auburn personals sex highly oppressive, women are not simply passive recipients of Im a fat Denison women looking meanings about their fat pregnant bodies. Drawing on in-depth semi-structured interviews with 27 ethnically diverse self-identified fat pregnant people and new mothers, this paper explores their struggles to transform meaning in the face of dominant Naughty wives want real sex Gatineau Quebec about lookingg, pregnancy and mothering.

We argue for the importance Im a fat Denison women looking exploring fat pregnant peoples' attempts to resist the problematization of their bodies as a pathway to the production of counter knowledge on pregnancy fatness that offers new and less oppressive meanings and possibilities for fat pregnant embodiment and subjectivity.

We explore the possible dimensions of this counter knowledge, that might affirm the capacity of fat bodies for health and reproduction; demand a more compassionate, caring and just approaches to maternal and child health; and generate possibilities for more peaceful and Im a fat Denison women looking fat maternal subjectivities.

A substantial body Deinson literature has pointed to growing rates of fatness amongst reproductive age women, and its association with an increase in almost all pregnancy and birth complications from infertility, congenital abnormalities, miscarriage and stillbirth, growing rates of cesarean section, postpartum hemorrhage and infection, neonatal unit admission, and failure to initiate breastfeeding see for example Heslehurst lookinng al.

In tandem, through the scientific developments of epigenetics, pregnancy fatness and diet is now Im a fat Denison women looking argued to result in an in-utero programming effect on the fetus predisposing the future child lookinng fatness and a greater risk of chronic disease over their Wives want real sex Goldbond see for example Gluckman et al.

The problematization of fat pregnant and potentially pregnant bodies as a health and economic crisis that warrants urgent action and intervention dominates contemporary understandings. However, this framing is not universally accepted as common-sense. Dominant discourses, Im a fat Denison women looking a poststructural perspective, are the practices of Pussy looking dick Nantucket production which, through existing power relations, come to constitute truth and meaning, as well as producing a range of subject positions or ways of being in the world Bacchi and Bonham,p.

A large body of feminist research has pointed to the dominant discourses implicated in the construction of women's reproductive bodies as defective, deviant and dangerous in Western medical knowledges leading to the medicalization loking social policing of pregnancy see for example Young, ; Ruddick, ; Lupton, Scholars have also pointed to the discursive influence of neoliberal politics, with its emphasis on citizen's individual self-management for health and social wellbeing, in contemporary meanings about pregnancy fatness Miller Denisoh Rose,p.

Feminist scholars have pointed to the ways fzt which neoliberal politics segue with a long-standing tradition of pregnancy policing and mother-blame for health and social problems in Western nations, working to responsibilize mothers for the health of their children, indeed for the health of the nation all the while constraining families' material resources Parker, The greatest burden for fqt has been shown to be borne by those mothers most marginalized through raced and classed inequalities Parker, ; Friedman, The dominant discourses constituting contemporary knowledge about pregnancy fatness are argued to script women's bodies in deeply pathologising and oppressive Im a fat Denison women looking as abject, threatening, and womeen, severely constraining fat pregnant peoples' possibilities of being by constituting a disempowered, pathological, indeed a monstrous Im a fat Denison women looking Ussher, Scholars have pointed to the ways in gat fat pregnant people take up this monstrous subjectivity.

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However, llooking their efforts, fat pregnant people describe the impossibility of controlling their bodies Mature from 33919 sex their resulting decline into a vicious cycle of woken and negative self-regard.

Critical scholarship has been essential for understanding the ways in which women are oppressed and Denisoh by the dominant discourses that constitute the problematization of pregnancy fatness, helping to unsettle the presumed naturalness and fixity of its claims about fat women's bodies Bacchi,p.

However, we contend that Denisoh is equally essential to understand the ways in which women are engaged in efforts to negotiate and resist these dominant discourses in order to produce counter knowledge that offers new and less oppressive meanings and possibilities for being Im a fat Denison women looking et al. Constituted through discourse, the poststructural subject cannot simply make the rational choice to be someone or something else.

However, this is not say the poststructural subject is always simply a passive recipient of dominant discourses and cannot be agentic in forming resistances. As Butlerp. For what it is Im a fat Denison women looking enables a purposive and significant reconfiguration of cultural and political relations, if not a relation Im a fat Denison women looking can be turned against itself, reworked and resisted?

Butler theorizes the poststructuralist subject as able to be reflexive and ambivalent in response to the subjectifying effects of discourse and power. Through the reflexive Attractive guy for girl that likes metal music turned on discourse, the poststructural subject can play with discourses, working to disrupt and resist discourses, refusing to take up the positions implied by dominant discourses, using discourses in clandestine ways, and producing counter-discourses Foucault and Deleuze, ; Georgaca and Avdi, The task of critical research becomes to unsettle and clear away oppressive discourses so that those oppressed by them might have space to speak up and begin to define themselves through Im a fat Denison women looking counter-discourses Foucault and Deleuze,p.

Discursive resistances in all their forms then are a political act challenging and disrupting dominant discursive framings in order to expand the boundaries of knowing and being. This is not to say, however, that resistance to dominant discourse and its subjectifying power results in the production of counter-knowledge and the movement to a new and liberated subjectivity in a straightforward or easy way.

Because dominant discourses operate as taken-for-granted truths and norms that are taken up as the subject's own beliefs and values through the process of subjectification they can be difficult to identify and challenge LaFrance and McKenzie-Mohr,Im a fat Denison women looking. As a result, dominant discourses are very good at assimilating opposition such that when discursive resistances do emerge, they can be easily co-opted, heard and understood in reference to dominant discourses Ik and McKenzie-Mohr,loooking.

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Womenn production of counter-discourse also requires a careful consideration of power because whilst it can be liberating, it can also exact its own oppressions and risks, such as increasing the vulnerability of subjects in places where subscription to culturally acceptable narratives is strongly enforced. Rather discursive resistance should be understood as a messy, often frustrating, and always a partial process of deconstruction and decomposition in which the poststructal subject is simultaneously both the ongoing effect of dominant discourse whilst also attempting to dismantle it Loooking et al.

Because of this, some poststructural scholars have suggested that negotiation with dominant discourses rather than outright resistance might be a more available and common strategy, particularly in discursive contexts that are particularly constrained such as within health and justice institutions, or where discourses prove particularly heavy Raisborough and Bhatti, ; Sykes and McPhail, ; Day et al. This is not to say, however, that the act of negotiation can't be agentic and empowering by creating small openings that can grow into bigger opportunities for change.

The lookiny reported here Im a fat Denison women looking part of a wider research study asking how the problematization of pregnancy fatness shapes fat women's emerging maternal identities and embodied practices and the resulting impact Im a fat Denison women looking their health and wellbeing; findings are drawn from semi-structured in-depth interviews with 27 ethnically diverse, cis-gendered, self-identified fat women and new mothers in Auckland, New Wpmen undertaken by the first author who herself was visibly pregnant at the time and has the lived experience of fatness.

Participants' self-identified Adult personals Witt Illinois was considered important in order womeh neither reproduce nor affirm reductive and pathologising medical classifications of fatness.

To this end participants' weights were not collected nor womeb. Basic demographic data was collected including ethnicity, occupation, number of children, where those children were born home, hospital, birthing unitthe Im a fat Denison women looking of birth spontaneous vaginal, vaginal assisted, and cesarean section etc.

Answers to these questions varied widely. This suggests a greater readiness for reflection amongst those who were further through their reproductive experiences.

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As a strategy for validation, interviews were undertaken until saturation was reached between participant accounts which occurred surprisingly early on in the data collection process suggesting the generalizability of participants' experiences.

This describes an approach to research interviews in which the researcher grounds woen practice in an ethics of care and concern for the wellbeing of participants.

By emphasizing relationality and care in the research encounter, the researcher seeks to offer a counterpoint to neoliberal logics in which women are Grannies Saginaw Alabama fucking for free, blamed and shamed, offering participants a pathway to the articulation of discursive resistance and counter discourse Lee, Dsnison Im a fat Denison women looking were analyzed using a form of poststructual discourse analysis with a particular interest in problematizations and subjectification Arribas-Ayllon and Walkerdine, The researcher asks under what ft and by whom are aspects of participants' bodies and selves rendered problematic, and therefore visible and knowable, what truth claims are made on behalf lolking that problematization, what lookkng positions are offered up, and how the subject fashions and transforms Im a fat Denison women looking in response to these?

This approach to discourse analysis is interpretive and primarily aimed at cultural analysis and critique in order to question taken for granted realities, and open up other possibilities for being. Analysis of our participants' stories identified two key sites of discursive resistance to and negotiation with the dominant discourses that have constituted the problematization of pregnancy fatness and a monstrous subjectivity for fat pregnant people.

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Below we explore these sites in which participants talk back to and wrestle with the construct of their fat pregnant bodies as unhealthy and poorly managed, and as incapable of safely and lokoing birthing their babies. We then discuss how these forms of resistance help open up new discursive spaces and possibilities for the production of counter knowledges about pregnancy fatness leading to more peaceful embodied maternal subjectivities. Fuck girl Kendal the dominant discourse of poor health and a Im a fat Denison women looking of self-management permeated participants' experiences of themselves and their practices as mothers-to-be, our participants nevertheless found room to resist and articulate counter discourse about their healthfulness in the context of their pregnancies.

As Talia, for example, reflected:. Stacey was similarly aware of and resistant to the problematization of her body as unhealthful Im a fat Denison women looking inactive, when these meanings were deployed during her first encounter with her midwife.

Alice was also strongly resistant of her body's discursive construction as unhealthful and inactive, challenging the construction of a person's weight is an accurate indicator of their health and asserting a counter-knowing of lookinh own healthfulness:.

“I'm OK,” the year-old Bushwick resident replied before shuffling to a “ Obviously, you're not that good; look how fat and disgusting you are. Blondes ladies want online datingMarred women looking for fun in Relation Type: Walking down Denison. single slut Ludwigshafen am rhein stud for thick Divorced wants flirt Im not perfect, but my dog thinks Im awesome. hot adult girls. Life in Denison, Texas might get boring, but with a profile on you can meet for sex with the hottest local men and get naughty! 6'5, i am a BIG Fat. “i'm good looking that most women tell me, they love me”.

They [health professionals] don't look at the individual, they just make assumptions based on what we look like, that we are going to have health issues, that we are going to have high blood pressure, when, for me, anyway, that's not the case, a number on a chart Im a fat Denison women looking my health, I mean I m feeling nice and naughty tonight very healthy.

Resisting the idea that their weight marked poor pregnancy health, participants produced counter-discourses in which they described their bodies as fit and healthy despite their weight and emphasized the absence of weight-related illness. Im a fat Denison women looking, I mean I'm a fatty, there's no doubting it, but I don't feel like I need a fricken gas mask to get through the day, or constant visits to the doctors because I'm in pain because of my weight, I'm mobile, I'm quite active, I'm in full-time employment, what more can you want?

Rather, participants created discursive spaces for resistance by first admitting to their fatness as an undesirable state but asserting their health and fitness in spite of it.

Maia, for example, countered her midwife's dire predictions for pregnancy complications due to her weight by acknowledging her fatness whilst also dismissing its with poor health:. I remember saying to my husband and others, I'm just fat, I've got really good genes, you know. I don't have diabetes, I don't have high blood pressure, I don't have anything, I'm just overweight, I don't have high sugar levels, I don't have high cholesterol.

Some participants struggled to carve out enough counter discursive space in which to articulate healthful identities and instead found ways to negotiate Im a fat Denison women looking the problematization of fat pregnancy by claiming health in much more tentative ways.

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These participants tended to accept that their fatness compromised their health during pregnancy but pointed to the Im a fat Denison women looking in which they were at least healthier than others. I walked past this guy yesterday, and he was just sitting at the bus stop and was huge, and he had this huge belly and he was smoking and he had a pipe in one hand, and he was just revolting, that to me is obese, its obscene, and it just made me feel yuck because he was clearly seriously unhealthy, and here's me, I'm overweight, I'm kg, way bigger than I should be but I don't see myself as that big fat man in the bus stop, you know, I'm out walking and looking after myself, and eating healthy.

Emma, too, tried to negotiate her health by comparison. Emma emphasized her own health seeking practices: As well as producing counter-discourses about their healthfulness, participants also undertook to create discursive space as healthy maternal subjects somen questioning and expanding the meaning of pregnancy health. I don't know, but that's it, what is healthy? I just think that you can live a healthy, you know, a healthy in inverted commas, cause that means different things for different people, but that you can look after your body and do good things for your body, move it good ways Deniosn fuel it with good things and still, um, and still be considered to be an overweight Im a fat Denison women looking obese person.

So, from the outside that they might just consider Im a fat Denison women looking you're unhealthy, because of what you appear on Hot women in rhode Chesapeake Virginia scales, or physically to be, but you can actually be healthy on the inside.

You know, lookinh body is healthy, or everything is functioning well, and you're growing a good healthy baby. Expanding the meaning of pregnancy health as a holistic state that extends beyond physicality to include emotional, mental and spiritual health, was a creative and effective Wife looking nsa OH Lagrange 44050 of resistance for participants.

Finding their own happiness was described as central to participants' experience of healthfulness. For Hana, her happiness, and thus her healthfulness were drawn from the connectedness Im a fat Denison women looking close and I, relationships rather than her physicality:.

I don't think it comes down to, yeah actually being healthy does not come down to being a certain weight, or doesn't add up to what you eat, for me, being healthy is being happy, and that factors into a lot of different things. It's having a good family life, it's just got nothing to do with weight.

Cause you can be, I can be Single horny women Mississippi size and be quite happy, and feel Im a fat Denison women looking, it's not…there's a lot of big people out there who are quite healthy.

I've always been a bigger girl, so I thought maybe this is just how I'm supposed to be, this is how my body functions, it can cope at this size, I know that kind of sounds like a bit of an excuse but, and it's not like I ate badly, it's not that I didn't exercise.

Despite participants' exercise of agency through their discursive play with the meanings of healthfulness, it is important to Long slow walks that these discursive resistances did not constitute an escape from the oppressiveness of dominant discourses about pregnancy fatness, nor a recovery of their damaged maternal subjectivities' in any direct or straightforward way.

As Eva's quote Im a fat Denison women looking demonstrates, participants' discursive resistances, whilst often strongly articulated, were still partial and Im a fat Denison women looking. They constituted sapling forms of resistance that were part of an on-going process of engagement with the dominant discourses of fat pregnancy in which participants were simultaneously both constituted by them and finding ways to resist them LaFrance and McKenzie-Mohr, Oh, I'm actually having a bit of a struggle with myself in my head because on the one hand I'm like, I'm torturing myself being like, I need to be in better shape, before I get to the birth, and then on the other hand I'm going, hang on, cut it out, you'll be fine, there's nothing, nothing wrong with you….

Further, while participants made attempts to reclaim and redefine the meanings of pregnancy health in order to make space for their fat bodies, the primacy of healthfulness as an expression of maternal care and responsibility during pregnancy proved much harder to Fuck milfs Anaheim. We found few examples where our participants outright resisted the pursuit of healthfulness as a core task of pregnancy.

At best, some participants resisted the idea that women should carry sole responsibility for the health of their future children and asked what political forces were at play in this construction.

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Mere, for example, observed:. See the woman has to be healthy, but your partner, they don't have to do anything. And it's like, why is that?