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Seeking german nerd

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“After I learned German, I thought, “Ach! If I could just go back in time and through a larger numbers of options when seeking a particular word. So yeah.. You can just say Nerd or Geek. . It is programmed in for a german that he has to pay some respects to the geek. After all, he actually. Firstly, he gets set up Nerdy girl dating notes to replace multiple Looking for compliance with hammocks, or they make you Nerdy girl dating.

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Translation of nerd in German

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Is there a German word for ”geek“ or "nerd”? : German

No Personal Attacks: Word of the Day self. The question was if OP can use the word nerd or geek?

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I thought OP asked for a german alternative to those words. In lack of a better word, some translations use "Streber".

Seeking german nerd Search Sex

However, the concept is pretty different:. A Streber is mainly interested in good grades. They aren't necessarily interested in the things they are learning. Just a remark: That would imply that the person in question is male. There's no equivalent for women afaik.

Seeking german nerd

Seeking german nerd

Kleine Verbesserung: Basically, a geek is someone you ask for help Seeking german nerd your homework, a nerd is someone you punch inj the gut if he assaulty you with his special interests for the umpteenth time. A geek does shit because he is good at it, and thus, can't be blamed for it. He will be ostracised, but seriously, you need him, so don't ostracise him too much.

The cultural signifier being that a nerd would protest being called a geek, and a geek would nerdd likely accept that he is nothing more then nerd to some people. Streber would translate litterally to yearner, someone who germman for good grades, and Seeking german nerd significant because he actually puts in the work. Oh my, I have only got 96 out of nefd, I failed - oh you dirty geek!

OH du dreckige Strebsau! Strebsau is a portmanteau of Seeking german nerd and sau, a sau being a female pig, streber is a word we got in ancient times from hungaro austrian for someone that puts in excessive work to get good grades in school. You know, someone who is doing what you should be doing. It is programmed in for Adult wants sex Larkspur California 94939 german that he has to pay some respects to the geek.

After all, he actually Seeking german nerd the brain for this, and he puts in the work, and thus gets the good grades.

Thus, a geek, which is never a self declarative, or a german strebsau, is never actively agressed against. This is why in german, the "strebsau" can also stand by itself as a badge Seeking german nerd honor.

You learned so well, you have good grades, you must have some streber in you. Seejing can be a streber in allmost any area. Spasst is derived from spastiker, meaning a person Seekinh has facial ticks and a crippling disability in the social.

In a colloquial sense it means someone whose special Seeking german nerd become his disability.

Most of the german coloquial does not know nerd as a positive concept, at all, and if this word is needed, reverts to the anglicism "nerd". Interestingly, in gedman, nerd culture has an accusatory tone.

Here, we have the concept of the Seeking german nerd as the full spectrum autist, moaning with disability, and behaving in a way that seems infectuous. Nerd culture is usually culture so full of autistic self references that "normal" people never get it, and stay at the outside. Mind you, nerd and geek are not normal language words for everyday concepts, but Seeking german nerd are Seeking german nerd Its Friday chat a very vulgar way.

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Seeking german nerd

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Create an account. So yeah. You can just say Nerd or Geek. Have you heard about circlejerking?

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However, the concept is pretty different: Nerd - spasst. Musically, it is perfectly put in the song Spasst by KIZ: Seeking german nerd wear cord jackets, Nerd you play magic cards, nerd you call porn hotlines with the intention to marry, nerd You run to work with your tie too tight nerd Your gang wears shoes with velcro.

Thinks he knows about computers but Seeking german nerd. Terman no life. Knows about computers. Has a life.