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Women want hot sex Round O

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My goal is pounds. Face and ass pix available now. That brief second of connection gave me a jolt. I got an orange coolatta.

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Sometimes winding down leads right into starting up again. And indulging in a second mattress session could increase your orgasmic potential because, according to Joan Elizabeth Lloyd, who writes about sex, when your body is still turned on from a previous round, it's easier to climax.

Plus, chances are your man won't come as quickly the second Women want hot sex Round O, so he'll have more time to dedicate to pleasing you. But you can't just expect sex after sex.

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And it's certainly not smart to demand it, because when it comes to repeat performances, women have an anatomical advantage. Guys, however, aren't so lucky.

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No matter how sexed up their minds are, their members need time to recharge. A something dude will need a few more minutes of recovery time; the older the man, the longer it takes for him to get that second erection.

That's because after a guy ejaculates, the muscles in his penis got relax, and the blood flow that caused his erection in the first place decreases. Your strategy: Give him time to recuperate while keeping him sexually focused.

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To do that, tell him how good he makes you feel — a carnal compliment strokes his ego and keeps his brain tuned to sex. One detail worth noting: Stick to the present tense.

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Avoid saying such things as "That was great, big guy, but I'm still raring to go and Women want hot sex Round O a wastin'. Instead, say how hot he is and you'll subliminally help him segue into round two. But while you want to allow a refractory period, don't give him too much space or there's a chance he'll doze off — or worse, turn on the TV!

That said, you also can't pounce on his penis like it's the last cute skirt on the sale rack.

Seeking Man Women want hot sex Round O

Then start caressing his chest, back, and shoulders. The point is to be suggestive and playful, not demanding.

After several minutes, your man should be ready for a more direct hands-on approach. Start his engine by brushing your lips against his testicles, then move on to his shaft.

While men in their 20s and early 30s should have no problem getting Women want hot sex Round O up twice in a night, you need to remember that there are different degrees of penis rigidity — just because he's not wielding a rock-hard erection White women black men dating entire time doesn't mean he's not into having sex with you.

Instead, enjoy all phases of his longer-if-not-stronger erection, and feel free to take intercourse breaks to allow for other action.

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You may decide to stop and just kiss — hard and deep — while his penis rebounds. Or you may ask Women want hot sex Round O a little manual magic while reminding him of how great he's making you feel. Wannt you haven't had your big O yet — or you just want more, you greedy girl!

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And Women want hot sex Round O second time around doesn't have to be just a rerun — a slower, deeper, and Roynd intense experience can come after a wham-bam session.

There's a practical reason to change things up too — if your man did most of the work initially, it's only fair for you to take the power position next.

Woken Think of your night of recurring delight as if it were a road trip — he drives for the first leg, then you take the Women want hot sex Round O in the home stretch and allow him to kick back.

That might mean you on top this time, a move designed for your pleasure since you get to control the pace and pressure. Or you can try spoon-style sex, where you lie with his chest to your back.

You don't always have to make a major modification to your erotic repertoire to snag sequel benefits. Small mood changes such as putting in a new CD, lighting a few candles, or leading each other to a different room in the house will RRound you both so cranked up, you may even want to go for round three.

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